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Posted on 4 April, 2014  


Medical Jobs and Electives in Zambia

If you have done an elective in Zambia before, please share your thoughts by taking part in a very short survey (Click here to take survey)

Now if looking to do an elective or applying for a job at a Zambian Hospital, please bear in mind that this website only provides information on some of the institutions in an attempt to make it easier for whoever is interested to get in touch with the institution of choice directly.

So if you are interested in an elective or working in Zambia, the best way to go about it is contact the instituition directly.

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The Mutima Project


There are around 300 young cardiac patients on the waiting list in Zambia. There is no resident Cardiac Surgeon in the country and a next to none chance of these patients getting their much needed cardiac operation any time soon.

The Mutima project is working towards building a sustainable cardiac unit in Zambia by taking a Cardiac team to Zambia from New Zealand to perform heart surgery at UTH every year, donating equipment and facilitating training of Zambian medical personnel. You can read more about this project on the Mutima Project website.